Oh Sharon

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2 Responses

  1. VixenV says:

    I loveto masterbate and watch these women getting off. I’m cummmminngg!

  2. Deana Wilson says:

    I am a women now in college at BYU. Being Mormon we are not to have sex till married. I am a virgin. I have been masturbating since I was about 12. I have always enjoyed the masturbating sessions. I did it in the bedroom and the bathroom. Now I am at BYU I have to do it when I shower. it is always dangerous, but it is exciting. I now have a boyfriend and we both agree to not have sex till we marry. After we dated for a few months I noticed he would have a erection. he would put my hand on it. After a while I started rubbing it. He got hot and took it out and I started to masturbate him. He started to rub my breast and I would touch my vagina as i stroked his penis. I would climax and so did he. It was exciting seeing him cum. He now rubs my vagina to climax. Once he had sex between my breast and it was fun. So, far we have not had intercourse. I can not wait. Deana